Step Your Way into Health

We know that putting time and energy into our workouts is necessary to reach our goals. But research shows we may not get the full benefit from our workouts if we’re sitting too much. Many jobs require us to sit, and it can be easy to fall into a more sedentary lifestyle despite exercising on a consistent basis. 

By being a little more intentional, we can increase our daily steps, add in extra movement and reap all the benefits of a more active lifestyle!

The Benefits

Studies show that increasing our step count and movement throughout the day has so many amazing health benefits. Getting more steps:  

Decreases the risk of heart disease and stroke. When we move, our muscles are able to pump blood throughout our bodies more efficiently.

Improves blood pressure-more movement means a stronger heart, so it can pump blood with less effort. 

Strengthens our bone health. Weight bearing movements increases bone density.

Can increase our longevity.

Can improve the quality of our sleep.

Can decrease stress levels-movement helps clear the head and produces “feel good” hormones.

How to Get More Steps

Park farther way from an entrance.

Take the stairs whenever possible.

Move around when talking on the phone.

Take walk breaks at work and throughout the day.

Go for a walk outside: enjoy nature or listen to a podcast, an audible, or some fun music!

Grab a buddy (and your dog!) and go for a walk in your neighborhood.

Go for a hike on the weekend and choose recreational activities that require movement. 

Our bodies were MADE to move! Increasing our steps gradually and getting in a little more movement each day adds up to great benefits. Think about how many steps you will accumulate each week, month, and year if you just do a little bit more every day. Be intentional, get creative and remember: Consistency is key. So let’s get stepping, even a little bit more, every day!

Here’s to your best results!
Tina, Deborah, Jenna, Thomas and Nicole

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