The Breath of Life

May 13th, 2022

Proper breathing has the ability to transform our health, our pain levels, our mood and our lives. This is why we include breathing techniques and a portion of our client workouts to Elite Breathwork. Here’s a look at what the science shows us and why we should practice proper breathing.

Humans average between 17,000-30,000 breaths each day. As a common body function, we may takefor granted the power that proper breathing has over our entire body.

Deliberate and controlled breathing can transform your life. It can change the way you think and process emotions, how your muscles work, how often you get sick, and influence your chances of  developing some chronic diseases.

Science and research shows us that proper breathing supports all of our body’s natural abilities to regulate and heal.

The Benefits of Better Breathing

Proper breathing has an impact on all body functions. Including, 
– Improvement of respiratory illness and diseases
– Pulmonary functions
– Greater relaxation and sounder sleep
– Better posture
– Reduced stress and enhanced mood
– Enhanced learning and cognitive performance
– Enhanced physical endurance and performance
– Improved balance and motor control

Want to know if you’re breathing properly? Check out this fun and quick video:

Want to learn more about the fascinating science of proper breathwork? Follow this link Power of Breath to a podcast by Dr. Mark Hyman and guest researcher and author, James Nestor.

Here’s to your best results and to your best breathing!
Tina, Deborah, Jenna, Thomas and Nicole

We’ve Got Your Nutrition Answers!

April 20th, 2022

Have You Found What Works for You?

We know that our clients have different nutritional needs and goals. That’s why we now offer several nutritional approaches. Do you simply need general guidelines and a flexible menu? Do you need lots of structure and specific daily protocols? Do you need a long-term approach to nutrition that includes workshops, tools and high-levels of accountability? 

Whatever you need, we can meet you where you are! Our programs will get your best results.

Elite Personal Training Studio is located in Irmo, SC. We offer personalized, comprehensive, and results-driven programs for results-driven people, serving clients in Richland and Lexington Counties, including: Columbia, Lexington, Ballentine, Chapin, Irmo, St. Andrews, Cayce and the surrounding areas for over 13 years.

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